Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Use Cases:

  • Many cities around the world don’t meet WHO air quality guidelines. Air pollution can cause respiratory problems like asthma and fatal diseases such as lung cancer. A variety of gas sensors can be deployed around cities and communities to monitor air pollution in real-time and alert citizens and leaders when air quality exceeds acceptable purity levels. Furthermore, these sensors can detect the source of contaminants so remedial measures can be applied.
  • Violent crime with firearms cause injury and death to the citizens of a community. The reaction times by police and ambulances to aid victims of firearms can be greatly reduced by deploying microphones throughout the city to detect the sound of gunshots. Additionally, building a database of gunshot locations can help law enforcement forecast where areas of violent crime are likely to be.
  • Indoor pollution detection
  • Emergency response buttons throughout cities, communities, and parks that a person in distress can push